Norway- History

Norway gained independence in 1905. Independence gave the citizens the freedom to elect their government and chose their own king. Today, the Norwegians are strong patriotic people, who take pride in their country and achievements as a nation.

Settlements in Norway

People started settling in Norway around ten thousand years ago. At first, the main economic activities of the people was fishing and hunting. As time went by, they gradually started farming and keeping livestock. The Norwegians created their first firms at around 500BC. This period is popularly referred to as bronze period because; bronze metal was used to make weapons, farm tools, and jewelry.

Iron and Viking Age

The Bronze Age was immediately followed by Iron Age, which lasted until 1000 AD. Iron Age was characterized by better farming tools and tremendous growth in trade. The Viking Age lasted from 800 AD to 1030 AD. It was the most eventful period in the history of the Norwegians. The Vikings created fast ‘ocean-cruisers’ which they used to travel most countries of the world. They raided those countries for their resources and treasures. Some of the Vikings were skilled explorers and sailors who later became traders and set up communities in foreign lands.

The Norway Empire

In 1030 AD, the Norway lands were united into one kingdom. In the thirteenth century, the government established the Norway Empire, which ruled countries like Shetland, Faeroes, Iceland and Orkay islands. However, this rule ended in 1050 AD when the infamous plague-Black Death- wiped out three-quarter of the Norway population. Norway entered into a union with Denmark from 1380 which ended in 1814. Thereafter, Norway wrote down its own National constitution which marked the beginning of its journey to independence. At the end of 1815, Norway signed another union with Sweden which ended in 1905. After independence, the Norwegians chose Prince Carl of Denmark who later became King Haakon VII. King Haakon VII was the first ruler of the independent Norway for five hundred and twenty five years.

Norway strengths

In the 1960s, huge oil and gas fields were discovered around the coasts of Norway. The discovery has had a positive impact on the economy of the country since then. Norway believes in negotiation as a method of settling conflicts. This belief has made it an ideal country for the Nobel Prize award each year. This is why for the last eight years, the United Nations has repeatedly voted the country as the best place to live in the world.

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