A brief History information about Sweden


10000-6000 BC: Groups of stoneage hunters and gatherer spreads over Sweden.

4000 BC: Farming makes its entry in southern Sweden.

800-1050 AD: Vikings goes on crusades mostly in Russia and Eastroman empire.

The end of 1300-century: The island of Gotland becomes part of Sweden.

ca 1300-1809: Finland belongs to Sweden.

1320: Skåne, Northhalland and Blekinge is conquered from Denmark.

ca 1357: Denmark conqueres the previous danish areas and Gotland.

1389-1521: The Kalmarunion (Danish-norwegian-swedish union which Sweden broke

out several times).

1561: Swedish troops occupies Reval and large parts of Estonia.

1611-1718: Great power era, Sweden reaches it's largest size.

1617: At the peace in Stolbova Sweden gets to keep Kexholms county and Ingermanlad.

1629: At the peace in Altmark Sweden gets to keep Livland, Riga and the

areas at Njemens and Weichels mouth.

1645: At the peace in Brömsebro Sweden got from Denmark-Norway Jämtland,

Härjedalen, Gotland, Ösel and (for 30 years) Halland.

1648: At the westfalian peace Sweden gets the areas around the mouth of Oder

and Weser.

1658: At the peace in Roskilde Sweden got from Denmark-Norway Skåne,

Blekinge, Halland and Bohuslän.

1721: At the peace in Nystad Sweden lost the baltic provinses and parts of

the Karelén to Rusia.

1772: Gustav III coup d'état. Part of the new constitution is freedom of

speech and religion.

1809: The Rusians conquers Finland.

1814-1905: Swedish-norwegian union.

1901: Compulsory military service.

1905: Men get general right to vote.

1921: Women's suffrage.

1950-talet: Large immigration of finns.

1995: Sweden joins EU.

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