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Charles Fredericks & Bertha Krueger were born in Germany.

I have two dates for Charles birth date and will work to obtain the right one.

In the census of 1900 taken in Iowa, it states he was born on March 1861. I believe this information had to come from Charles or Bertha at that time. In his obituary I obtained from the Tracy paper, it states he was born on August 12, 1862.

Bertha (Krueger) Fredericks was born in February 1870 according to the 1900 census. The obituary for Bertha says her birth date is February 20, 1869. All of the census says 1870, so at this time I am using February 20, 1870 as her birth date. The census info should have come from Bertha.

Charles came to the USA at the age of 16? due to the death of his parents. He was raised by his brothers and sisters and lived in Nebraska. (where?) (This is the story told to me by relatives)

If anyone has information where he lived in NE or has any information about his family, please get in touch with me. Thanks.

The family eventually moved to Hubbard Iowa, and Charles married Bertha Krueger there in 1888. While farming there they became parents of 7 children. They farmed there for a few years and then moved to Minnesota. Some information is that they lived by Garvin at first and then moved to a farm near Tracy. While living in Minnesota they became parents of their 8th child. They eventually moved into Tracy where Charles started working on the railroad. Charles worked on the railroad for 17 years.

It is important I find out where he lived in Nebraska. I hope to then find out some information on his brothers and sisters and then hopefully find out who his parents were and where he was born in Germany. I have heard he was born in Berlin. I will need more than that to find him.

In the 1900 census I found them in Hubbard Iowa.
In the 1910 census JOAN IVERSON found them in Emmitt county, Swan Lake township. THANK YOU JOAN!
In the 1920 census I found them in Tracy Minnesota.
In the 1930 census I found them in Tracy Minnesota.

These are the names I have for Berthas siblings. Minnie, John, Anne, August, & Augusta.

Name definitions

Fred(e)richs: L Ger. for Fried(e)rich(s); also Fredderich; Frederichsen and Friedrichsen (Friedrich's son). Cf. Dederichs: Diederichs.

Kru"ger: in LGer. area (incl. Brandenburg and Lausitz) = Kro"ger: travern owner or innkeep (especially in the country); Heidkru"ger (tavern owner in the “Heide” area). In UGer. area Kru"gler, Krug and Kru"gel mean “jug dealer”.

Information on names.

Children in Germany were given a religious first name and a “rufname” (pronounced roof nama), or a named they are to be “called”. Many males were given Johann after John the Baptist. Many females were given either Anna or Maria. Often times you will see in the church registers, the second name (or what we call the middle name)
underlined indicating that the child was to be called by that name. Often the Johann or Anna/Maria was dropped in later church registers, so that an Anna Magdalena might just be called Magdalena. Sometimes you will see the Anna also. When the Germans immigrated, they often dropped this religious name and only went by their rufname.

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