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There is a new web site on Swedish emigration from Bullaren. Two of my cousins Laila Falk and Kajsa Erixson, are putting the information together on everyone that left the Bullaren area for the USA.

They have done a lot of research to find out many of the names of the people who left. Peter and Susan Falk, are the creators of the web site for this Bullaren Emigration. Peter is a son of Laila.There are pictures of the church Mo, where the Holm/Holmes/Holmbergs (Olofssons), and Longstroms (Långströms) went to in Bullaren. There is one picture that Laila took that is from the farm H­äljebo. It is a very old small building built into the side of a hill and was probably used for storage.

This would be a building that the Holms & Longstrom families would have used while living there. On my Longstroms web site, there is a picture of the old Häljebo with Victor Holm standing in front.On my maps page, you can see where Bullaren is located. It is close to the Norwegian border.

**Laila and Magnus Falk visited there, and took some great pictures.
(Carl, Magnus, and Karl Filip Långström, and many Olssons from Bullaren, went to Silverton to work in the mines)

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Vildkaprifol (Honeysuckle) is Bohusläns landskapsblomma.(provincial flowers)
Bohuslän is the Providence in Sweden where the Långströms/Longstroms originated from.

*Greetings to the Långström/Longstrom family web site.
I have separated this site from my genealogy site listed below.
I hope you enjoy this family site, and find some family information here.
If you can add or correct anything on this site please contact me. Thanks.
Jerry Longstrom
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Jerrys grandfather, (farfar) (farfar=fathers father) Gustaf Adolph Långström/Longstrom was born in Bullaren Sweden, Mo Parish, on a farm named Häljebo. He farmed and worked with his father as a sheep handler. He left for America on July 21, 1893. He went to the state of Minnesota where he had relatives living and farming. He started farming there and, while farming near Slayton MN. he married Emelia Andersson, the sister of his uncle, Otto Holms wife, Carolina. Emelia and her family were from Härlunda Parish, Kronoberg Län, Småland Sweden. (south Sweden) Gustaf continued to farm in the Slayton, Garvin and Tracy areas of Minnesota. When he retired from farming he and Emelia purchased a store in Burchard Minnesota that his daughter Agnes managed for him. Gustaf raised chickens and did some gardening there. Gustaf & Emelia later moved to Tracy MN. There are many descendants of Gustaf in America.Adolph remembers his dad reading the comic book Tarzan Lord of the apes. This is how he learned to read English. Adolph says Gustaf liked to go to town and have a beer and a piece of apple pie.

Direct Descendants of Olof to Jerry Longstrom

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