How to make kitchen floor paint!

Put 2 ounces of stick glue in 1 quart of rain water and stand on back of stove until glue is dissolved. When cool, mix with yellow ocher until it will spread nicely. (makes a nice brown color) Now paint the floor. Paint drys the same day it is put on. When the floor is dried, go over it with boiled oil freely. This will wear like iron and you won't have to paint oftener than once every 3 or 4 years. It is good for porch if you like the color, and it is a very cheap paint.

This came from a friend, that said he does not know where he received it.

Sawdust Dough

Thoroughly mix 4 cups sawdust and 1 1/2 cups wallpaper paste, adding enough water to make dough the consistency of biscuit dough. Keep hands moist, if they become sticky.

Use to repair furniture cracks due to shrinkage. Fill and allow cracks to dry thoroughly. Sand smooth when dry, then paint or finish.

Also may be used to model items. let dry for 4 days……

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