PANNKAKA - Sweden and Norway recipes

I make my Grandmother's pannkaka in a large round skillet…pouring the thin batter, then tipping the skillet until the batter fills the whole skillet.


Soppa - Sweden and Norway recipes

All of this talk of old recipes, and especially the mention of svinmålla soup, reminded me that I have an old recipe for nettle soup.


Swanson Family Web Site

I am trying to find out information about Albin Oscar Swanson.


Sweden Archives

Here are the addresses, phone numbers, and web sites for the archives in Sweden


Sweden recipes Miscellaneous words

Kroppkaka is just what you discribed you can skip the OR?? Kalvadans should be KALVDANS (kalv=calf, dans=dance)


Swedish cooking word definitions

Swedish cooking word definitions, you may not need these, but I do! Some of this information came from friends in Sweden.


Traditions in Sweden

This is the day when you lie in bed and pretend to be asleep even though you've been awake for ages. And you wonder whether the family is ever going to come with your birthday cake and presents.